Sometime ago I heard the story of a young lady who had walked away from God. She was relating how the hypocrisy of her parents had impacted her view of church. Evidently her family had a church life, a home life and a VACATION LIFE. Her parents would move in and out of these different lifestyles while continuing to worship on Sunday. She revealed that what people saw at church was very, very different at home and abroad. Her story causes me to wonder how many families are doing damage to not only their family but also to the church’s future? Are we aborting the faith of our children by acting one way at church, but living different lives at home? How many children have witnessed the hypocrisy of their parents on weekend getaways and summer vacations. As we head to the dog days of summer, we must not forget that our children are watching, to see if our living matches the faith we proclaim?