Helping People Become

The Rock Church is blessed with many talented individuals with a burden for church ministry. Below, you will see the various ministries that The Rock Church has to offer to you and your family. Contact us to see how you can be a part of what is happening at The Rock Church.

This department provides Christian Education, in age-appropriate classes, in a fun, exciting, and challenging setting. The weekly Sunday School activities include Bible stories, art projects, Bible memorization, games, and many other events. The children are encouraged to seek the Lord for salvation and healing. All teachers must attend an intensive teacher’s training program prior to working in the classroom.

From the laughs and giggles to the smile that is painted across a child’s face after he/she answers a question correctly, children and teenagers enjoy their experiences in the Bible Quizzing program at The Rock Church through the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship. The Bible Quizzing program provides an opportunity for children and young people to memorize the Word of God and utilize their abilities in a fun, competitive, yet relaxed atmosphere. After the memorization of Bible verses, they quiz against others (at the same level) throughout the state of California. From state competition, it is possible to move on to national competition. Bible Quizzing is not just a commitment to learn the Word of God, but it is an investment in young souls!

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Children, ages 5 to 11, who are interested in singing are encouraged to join the Children’s Choir. The children have a fun time while learning the basics of choir presentation and ministry.

These clubs were birthed from a passion to help and encourage our girls to become well-rounded Christian young ladies. The girls participate in activities where they learn new skills, reach out to the local community, focus on studying the Bible, and develop healthy relationships through teamwork and social events. The girls also have opportunities to earn award badges and other special rewards. Registration opportunities are offered in the spring and fall. To become involved as either a member or volunteer helper in these clubs, contact Michele Pontius.

Nursery Care is available during most services for children under two years old. Parents are requested to drop off their child before service and pick up their child immediately after service. An usher will be available to contact parents during services should the need arise.

Approximately once per month, all the children of The Rock Church, ages 3 to 11, come together for a special time of praise and worship at Super Church. The children enjoy puppets, interactive songs, skits, Bible stories, games, snacks, and other fun “stuff” that not only teaches the children, but also creates within them a desire to learn more about the Word of God. Beyond the typical learning session, Super Church is a church service oriented just for kids. Each service usually ends with an altar call where many of the children receive the gift of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:38.

The Xtreme Team is the leadership team of The Rock Church children’s ministry for ages 10-12. The primary purpose of the Xtreme Team is to help pre-teen kids make the most important decision of their lives as our motto states, “Living for God with an Exclamation!” The vision for these young people is to see them become powerful, dynamic, prepared leaders in the work of God. They help plan, prepare, setup, take-down and perform in almost all aspects of Super Church.