Helping People Become

The Rock Church is blessed with many talented individuals with a burden for church ministry. Below, you will see the various ministries that The Rock Church has to offer to you and your family. Contact us to see how you can be a part of what is happening at The Rock Church.

In the church, outreach in its purest, most effective form is the process of reaching a lost world one person at a time and introducing them to discipleship. It is an obvious prerequisite to successful church growth to be in the posture of soul winning, and there are many different avenues available to accomplish this task. Pastor Diaz is assisted by many capable leaders in each of the outreach ministry areas. To learn more about The Rock Church’s other outreach venues and leadership click on the menu to the left.

The mission statement of Outreach Ministries is “Reaching Each One to Become.”

The Rock Church Bus Ministry provides transportation (in some local areas) to and from church on Sunday mornings. Currently, a total of three routes are established in the South Sacramento and Oak Park areas. If you are interested in riding the bus, you may contact the church office at (916) 689-7625, Monday through Friday.

Christian education classes are open to all desiring a more thorough knowledge of the Christian’s walk with God. Various levels of classes are taught covering subjects such as individual salvation, the new believer’s life in the church, holiness, and how to share your faith with others, and many more.

At The Rock Church, we believe that discipleship is not just the dissemination of Truth but the equipping of individuals to do ministry within the church. The vision of Spirit Life leadership is to provide an effective doorway for every believer to enter world-class ministry, thereby accelerating the reach of The Rock Church both regionally and globally. Please contact Pastor Malone for the current meeting schedule.