Helping People Become

The Rock Church is blessed with many talented individuals with a burden for church ministry. Below, you will see the various ministries that The Rock Church has to offer to you and your family. Contact us to see how you can be a part of what is happening at The Rock Church.

The Rock Group Youth Community is a strong, growing, multicultural network of young people, ages of 12 and 18 years old, who meet every Friday night. By mimicking the successful mantra of The Rock Church and “helping young people become,” TRGYC is becoming a magnet for young people and an icon for youth spiritual and social development in the greater Sacramento area.

From the laughs and giggles to the smile that is painted across a child’s face after he/she answers a question correctly, children and teenagers enjoy their experiences in the Bible Quizzing program at The Rock Church through the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship. The Bible Quizzing program provides an opportunity for children and young people to memorize the Word of God and utilize their abilities in a fun, competitive, yet relaxed atmosphere. After the memorization of Bible verses, they quiz against others (at the same level) throughout the state of California. From state competition, it is possible to move on to national competition. Bible Quizzing is not just a commitment to learn the Word of God, but it is an investment in young souls!

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