Seemingly no progress was possible on the 120′ x 120′ building. A wall of invisible resistance seemed impenetrable. Odd and somewhat eerie experiences occurred. About this time, Pastor Wilson, in a dream, saw a large serpent 120′ long lying on the north side of the slab. In the dream, the snake was coming toward him with a sort of smile, saying, “I will consume you.” In fear, with nothing but a shovel in his hands, Pastor Wilson, not knowing what to do, stood mesmerized, watching the serpent approaching. Suddenly the Spirit spoke to Pastor Wilson saying, “Run at him and plant the shovel vertically in his mouth.” Though fearful, he nevertheless ran and did so, and watched as the serpent, with incredible violence, bit down on the shovel, driving its steel edge into his brain and falling dead at his feet. It was after this dream that the building was eventually completed and occupied.