It has been said that Sundays are the most segregated time of the week. A visit to the churches of America would seem to validate the statement. Is this the will of God for those of us that claim to be Pentecostal? Just for a moment, revisit the day of Pentecost. It was day that the promise of the Father was poured out upon the planet. Now Christ would dwell in us “… the hope of glory”. It is the genesis of the New Testament Church but look a little closer. The first thing that happens with this “Pentecostal revival” is it spread through the streets and reached a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic audience. This was a revival for everyone and every race.

How is it that we have allowed Pentecost to become a segregated community of faith?How is it that we have allowed Pentecost to become a segregated community of faith? Stroll through the pages of the book of Acts and you will discover that the Holy Spirit was at work in breaking down racial barriers and personal prejudices. Pentecost was not designed by God to follow a Homogeneous Unit Principle (HUP) where people separate instead of unite. The church is to be the visible representation of Heaven on earth and what the Kingdom of God looks like when Christ reigns. We should be actively working against racial division in the body of Christ. It is not easy. We will make mistakes. We will be misunderstood. We will grapple with cultural differences and sometimes wonder if it is worth the effort, but endure hardness like a good soldier. We must keep the Acts 2 revival in our mind’s eye and work to show the world, this beautiful church that God died to redeem from every tribe and tongue.

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