June 25th at 7PM

A time for just the Moms to come to together in a safe, non-judgmental space and connect on motherhood. The first meeting will be both groups of moms (Moms with babes who are 0-3yrs and Moms with littles who are 4-10). No children. This is will be a monthly event for moms and the focus group will alternate each month. Further dates and locations will be shared at the first meeting.

Date Day Ideas

1. Revisit your first date spot
2. Picnic at the park (McKinley Park Rose Garden, William Land)
3. Relax at the Spa
4. Scavenger hunt with another couple
5. Go on a hike (Auburn, Folsom, American River Trail)
6. Bike ride the Downtown-Folsom trail
7. Plan a "Cooking Together Night” for just the two of you
8. Take a photo walk of places you enjoy on your date
9. Get out of your comfort zone: zip line or sky dive
10. Coffee downtown and NO phones! Talk, dream, hold hands, and just stare in each other’s eyes
11. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast

“Unorthodox” Dates

1. Take a scavenger hunt book list to the library or local bookstore and go on a quest together to find a book that matches each item on the list. For instance, a book that represents your first date, a book that you each read as a child, etc. Then, sit down and look through some of the books together before putting them back.
2. Take the heels from the bread in the freezer and feed the ducks together
3. Walk around the block with the dog or go roller blading/bike riding together
4. When you have your lucky dozen star at Starbucks, go enjoy a free Venti coffee together and read a book side-by-side for a couple of hours.
5. Write a song together and record it on one of your phones or computers.
6. Do the DYMC Foundations Card Deck to strengthen your relationship and gain communication tools.
7. Do the DYMC Sexpectations Card Deck to become more intimately connected.
8. Do the DYMC Realizations Card Deck to see who knows each other better (more of a game).
9. Do a devotional together or a couples’ workbook

Traveling Dates

1. Book a site at a campground
2. Go on a mini road trip
3. Travel to a neighboring town (Roseville) and get a hotel, or travel across the world together!
4. Stop at a fruit stand and pick up fruit and seeds to eat on a road trip.
5. Find local coffee shops or restaurants in towns that you pass instead of going to chain restaurants.
6. Bundle up and go play in the snow- pack a lunch box
7. To save money, bring memory foam and sleep in the back of your car (if your car is conducive to that). You can also check out AirBnB for less expensive places to stay (instead of hotels).
8. Be adventurous. Even if you can’t travel yet, make a list of global and local traveling that you want to do together.